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National Diploma in Design.
Northern Counties Design. S.2/3
Northern Counties Working Drawings. S.2/3
N. Y. School of Industrial Design-Interior Design
City and Guilds cabinet making


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I acquired my design training in the 50's, in England, where it was mandatory to be a qualified cabinet maker before being allowed to take the final exams. This was a good system as the three important aspects of design are Function, Construction, and appearance. Appearance is listed last because appearance must never compromise the other two aspects. If it's well constructed, does the job and looks good then it is a good design.  I worked as a furniture designer but I never have been employed as a cabinet maker and have instead used those skills as a hobby.

I know from experience that most people prefer furniture with a flavour of the past. The two best periods for the hobbyist are the old English oak styles and some of the works of Hepplewhite, Chippendale and Sheraton around the Regency period in the 18th century.

These designs are not reproductions (copies) of old pieces. They are, in fact, new designs specifically geared to the home workshop and scaled for modern living. The appearance, as always, does not compromise the function and construction.

The plans are explicit and contain full size details and suggestions for tackling the trickier parts. A cutting list is also included for your convenience.

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