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Information we all know

or think we should know

I don't know about you, but I have always had the philosophy that it was better to keep quiet and have people think you are ignorant than ask a question and have them know for sure.

 For instance, When we first joined the internet I noticed right away that people were talking about HTML, URLs, GIFs and all sorts of other things that we are all supposed to know. It took a while to get with it but I felt I would appear stupid if I asked "What is HTML?" What I needed, and finally found, was a site that spelled it out for me.
For that reason I am starting a collection of woodworking terminology and names of joints with their meanings.
If you should come across a term 'or whatever' which you don't understand, connected to woodworking, please contact me and ask. If I know the answer I'll email it to you and then put it on this page to help other people. I promise I won't laugh or publish your name as having asked the question.
If I do not know the answer I will attempt to find it and we will all learn something.

 I am starting small and will build as I think of terms someone may not know. Feed back from visitors to the page will help me to compile the list.

Woodworking Joints and Terminology

Bare face dovetail housing See picture
Bare faced tongue and groove corner See picture
Bare-faced mortise and tenon See picture
Bridle joint See picture
Butt joint See picture
Chamfer Cut away a corner
Cheek Side face of a tenon
Crossed half lap joint See picture
Dado A wide shallow groove
Dado joint See picture
Double tenon joint See picture
Dovetail joints See picture
Dowelled joint See picture
Finger joint See picture
Halved angle lap joint See picture
Hardwood Wood of a broad-leafed flowering tree
Halved T lap joint See picture
Haunch Part of a tenon
Haunched mortise and tenon See picture
Housing See Dado
Housing joint See picture
Kerf Width of the saw cut
Lap corner joint See picture
Lapped dovetail joint See picture
Loose tongue and groove joint See picture
Machine dovetail joint See picture
Miter See picture
Mortise and tenon for grooved frame See picture
Mortise and tenon for rebated frame See picture
Mortise and tenon joint See picture
Narrow dovetails See picture
Rabbet See picture 
Rebate See rabbet
Shoulder Part of a tenon
Shouldered dovetail housing joint See picture
Softwood Wood of a coniferous tree
Stub mortise and tenon See picture
Tenon See picture
Through dovetail See picture
Through mortise and tenon See picture
Tongue and groove joint See picture
Tongued miter See picture
Twin tenon joint See picture
Veneer keyed miter joint See picture
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