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Welcome to Geoff's World the Pacific North West

Self Portrait
Courtesy of Angelbleu

Included in this site you will find photography, original stories and poetry, original graphics, original music compositions, free background sets, tutorials on using Paint Shop Pro, and even a fairy or two. 

My Christmas Pages for this year.
Each page has a button to forward to a friend
Merry Christmas

 A Christmas Poem ( Flash )
A merry Turn of the Century Christmas
Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus
Ice Princess
With visions at Christmas

MHPC Christmas

 Christmas Music ( Flash )

The site is split into four sections to help you navigate. 


1 - 
Geoff's World
Includes:-  New- Thanksgiving 2000

 Our 41st Anniversary
My page to my wife
My wifes page to me
"Summer Dawn"
Canadian Thanksgiving
Not Really a Fairytale
My Heritage
Our Kids
Our Pets
My Home Town
My Artwork

2 - 
Graphics and Tutorials
Includes:-  Tutorials on using Paint Shop Pro
Free graphics and special effects 
Adopt a dreamcatcher
Bottled Adoptions
Free Background Sets
Size is Important
Original music
3 - 
The Pacific North West
Includes:-  Around British Columbia
Around Surrey
A Caribbean Trip
Stanley Park
4 - 
Garden Photography
Includes:-  Flower and Plant Photography
My Fantasy Garden
There are Fairies in our Garden
Panorama from the Patio
Before and After
The Sentinel

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